Tiney (tee-ny)

Funny little Ho that loves pie, musicals, and time travel.

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Gah! Jealousness. That's awesome. And you look adorable in the costume as well. :)

Thanks! It was a great time. Nathan Fillion was awesome!

That is so damn cool! Go you!

OT: TMBG is coming to Florida soon. :) I'm sure you already know this.

Duh! I've known for 6 months ;) Did you get the recent email... ? They'll be playing Hey, Mr. DJ (and you KNOW how I adore that song) and apparently something Moz inspired!

We're definitely going to the Jacksonville show, possibly more depending on whether or not I am employed.

Yeah, I knew some time last year but I was waiting for them to post the dates and I didn't check back until now. Will probably go to the Orlando show since... I'm in Orlando. Hehe.

that is the hottest picture of the day yet.

It's definitely my favorite so far. ^_^

I just pooped myself.

It makes me giddy to look at it. o_O

That picture *almost* looks photoshopped. Or maybe that's just my wishful thinking. =P

Actually, it's Marty with a Nathan Fillion mask. BWahahaha!

That'd be bizarro. o_O

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