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1-27-08 - Nathan Fillion!
1-27-08 - Nathan Fillion!

I have my arms around Nathan Fillion. O_O HOLY CRAP!

For those of you who aren't quite in the realm of nerd-dom but want to learn, go watch Firefly and Serenity. He is Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

This here was the highlight of the FX International Convention. Nathan Fillion is perhaps one of the nicest men I have ever met. Consistently congenial and funny.

On Saturday we sat in line to meet Nathan Fillion and we got his autograph and he was so nice! I am extremely shy when it comes to meeting people sometimes and this time was no exception. I made Ashley go first and then it was my turn! He shook my hand and his handshake is so warm! I initially told him my name was Christine but I had him sign my Serenity comic to Tiney. That was it for me, I couldn't get more than a squeak out.

Then we wandered around talking to comic book artists. Definitely had to talk to Michael Slade who does a comic based on his Welsh Corgis. I bought the hard-bound first volume. It's very cute.

We waited in line so Ashley could get her photo-op with Nathan Fillion and that was exciting. She was on Cloud 9.

Ashley spoke to Nathan Fillion as much as she could without seeming psycho. OH! We also spoke to Nicholas Brendan from Buffy who was very nice and comical. We saw Elisabeth Rohm from Law and Order, Ray Park, random Power Rangers, Smoking Man from X-Files!

Sunday was more low-key. We went to the Whedonverse panel and it was so worth it to hear the banter between Nathan Fillion, Nicholas Brendan and Elisabeth Rohm. I believe Ashley has most of it taped. I recorded as much as I could before my camera died.

Then I sat in line to get my photo-op with Nathan Fillion. He remembered me! I suppose having a nickname of Tiney is memorable? I'm not sure.

Hmm, anything else happen. I donno, a lot of things happened. Ashley and I said goodbye to Nathan before we left and that was probably the most perfect ending to a great weekend. He gave us a story about the horses he rode in Firefly. ^_^

I'm sure there's a lot more that I could say but it's overwhelming. AAAHHH! It gets me worked up just thinking about how awesome the whole thing was.
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Gah! Jealousness. That's awesome. And you look adorable in the costume as well. :)

Thanks! It was a great time. Nathan Fillion was awesome!

That is so damn cool! Go you!

OT: TMBG is coming to Florida soon. :) I'm sure you already know this.

Duh! I've known for 6 months ;) Did you get the recent email... ? They'll be playing Hey, Mr. DJ (and you KNOW how I adore that song) and apparently something Moz inspired!

We're definitely going to the Jacksonville show, possibly more depending on whether or not I am employed.

Yeah, I knew some time last year but I was waiting for them to post the dates and I didn't check back until now. Will probably go to the Orlando show since... I'm in Orlando. Hehe.

that is the hottest picture of the day yet.

It's definitely my favorite so far. ^_^

I just pooped myself.

It makes me giddy to look at it. o_O

That picture *almost* looks photoshopped. Or maybe that's just my wishful thinking. =P

Actually, it's Marty with a Nathan Fillion mask. BWahahaha!

That'd be bizarro. o_O

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