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Battle Royale Uniform
Battle Royale is crazy film. School kids are dropped on an island to kill each other off until there’s only one left. Also, they have collars on that will detonate if they try to escape. There’s way more to it. Japanese movies can be pretty funky. XD Funnily enough Chiaki Kuriyama who played Go Go Yubari in Kill Bill was in this film (Quentin Tarantino is a huge fan of Battle Royale). There was a sequel which I’ve never gone out of my way to see because I heard it wasn’t as good.

Another outfit that wasn't made by me. Jacket, skirt, and tie purchased online. The lettering on the tie was done by Ashley since I didn't trust myself to do it and I think we used puffy paint. XD I would love en embroidery machine eventually but I have no plans to purchase one any time soon as they are terribly expensive. The collar is from Dream Angels cosplay: http://www.dream-angels.net/.


Go Go Yubari from Kill Bill

My very first complete costume. Gosh, I'm not even quite sure when I deemed it 'complete'. 2007? I love this outfit. I love the character. It's really comfortable. None of it was made by me, I sewed the buttons and the patch, that's pretty much it. The only other major effort on my part was making sure I had bangs when I wore this outfit. I've cut my own bangs so many times for this. XD

The jacket I found at Goodwill - I had a seamstress take it in since it was a bit big and I switched out the buttons myself. This was before I learned how to sew. Regular long sleeve button down white shirt, white knee socks, and plain white shoes can be found anywhere. Red pre-tied bowtie found online. The skirt was a crazy lucky find on ebay! I'm completely anal and try to be as screen-accurate as possible (within reason and budget) and I'm amazed at how close this skirt is compared to the film. The patch was purchased from Yaya Han though I don't believe she sells it anymore. I have an amazing friend who can make custom patches though, message me for more information. The mace is from Bounty Hardware: http://www.bountyhardware.com/.

Coming out of the Costuming Closet
To be honest I’ve been costuming for a few years now and I still have trouble discussing my costuming hobby with non-costumers and non-nerds. I have no issues talking about how I like to sew, but getting into what I sew and how I love to put on costumes and run around at conventions is a more private matter for me. I’m already secretive about what costumes I plan to do so I suppose this is just an extension of it.

Anyways, I’m coming out of the costuming closet so to speak. Not that I ever kept it a real secret or so hush-hush, but I tend to be shy about the subject so I want to be more open.

So yes, I’m a nerd, and yes, I sew, and I like to put on costumes and run around conventions. It’s a great hobby. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I learn a new sewing technique or when I finish a part of a costume. I love being in costume groups with my friends or running into people who obviously share the same love for whatever books/movies/videogames. Rawr!

And um, that’s it.

Darcy Quote
I feel like this is so me.

"My temper I dare not vouch for. It is, I believe, too little yielding— certainly too little for the convenience of the world. I cannot forget the follies and vices of other so soon as I ought, nor their offenses against myself. My feelings are not puffed about with every attempt to move them. My temper would perhaps be called resentful. My good opinion once lost is lost forever."


I'm getting excited for Dragon*Con. I love how I post my five costume goals for the year and I completely veer from them! I make costumes on a whim and my costume wishlist continues to grow.

No more goals! Goals don't work for me...

Things are set for D*C. Tickets done. Hotel done. Time off granted.

Back to the sewing!


Progress but not really
Meh. Lack of motivation and it is entirely my fault.

I've been slowly getting supplies and fabric though. I still need to get the fabric for Reinette but I've been holding off because while it's better than needing 20 yards, 9 yards still costs a little over $100 bucks for the fabric I want. I actually have found a cheaper fabric that'll work, it's way thinner and just, no.

I have gotten off my butt to do little projects like shortening the straps on Oki's hot dog costume, hemming and taking in some dresses, and cutting up some shirts. XD Technically, Midori's cardigan is almost done and the trim is pinned all ready to be sewed but I just let it sit there.

I want to get a few presser feet for my machines. I want to get a blind hem foot with my serger and I found this awesome ebay store that has a collection of reasonably-priced feet for just for my HuskyStar. :D :D :D

A fellow costumer, whom I like to call Shards, mentioned how it's frustrating to be so motivated at work and then when you're home, you lose it all. It's so true! I go to work, I come home, I work out, I shower, I cook dinner and by the time I'm done with all that it's around 8:00 and I go to bed at 10:00 so instead of running into my sewing room I just want to sit around and have dessert. XD And then the weekends are filled with housework and socializing which isn't a bad thing but I need to sit down and make time for my hobby cause it really does bother me that I've been ignoring it.

There are a few events coming up that I may or may not attend that should kick me into gear:

My brother and I
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I wrote to my congressmen today
Obama's budget cut of the current space program affects me two ways - first, Marty is working on the Orion Project (big impact, hello!), second, space exploration is absolutely awe-inspiring to me. I like sci-fi, I like space, I like NASA. I tend to be more Libertarian when it comes to my views on the government but it's funny because I also support NASA so you can't really be Libertarian if you support a government-funded entity, right? I donno. There's debate on privatizing space exploration and honestly, I don't have faith in it right now. Maybe later in the future, but not right now.

I wrote to my congressmen today.


Dear *****,

I'm a current resident of Slidell, Louisiana. I work for Tulane University in downtown New Orleans and my husband is an engineer for Lockheed Martin at the Michoud Facility in East New Orleans. We have only lived here for a year and a half but we bought a house and we have made Louisiana our home.

With the news of Obama's budget cutting out the NASA moon plan comes great worry. My husband is on the team for the Orion project and so are many, many of our friends.

At this point we are not sure of the future, we thought we had stability but with the announcement of the budget cuts, that stability is lost. If the Orion project is cut, so are the jobs. Clearly with the cut of the whole Constellation project are the loss of many, many jobs nationwide. I thought Obama was planning to create jobs, not destroy them?

If the Orion project is cut, what will take place at Michoud Facility? Will anything be going on at the Michoud Facility? How will that affect New Orleans?

So many questions and uncertainty. That's part of life, but as a representative I am asking you to question the budget.

Yes, I agree the budget needs to be cut, but does it have to adversely affect my family and friends and the community itself? So I'm worried. I'm worried for my family, my friends, and for everyone working on the space program in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and Texas.


Christine Van Assche
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Do I make things too complicated?
Video Games Live is coming up and we're attending. It's a concert where video game music is played by a live symphony orchestra. It's gonna rock. There are going to be other activites such as a Guitar Hero tournament, and of course, a costume contest.

I don't know if I'll enter the costume contest... I don't costume for contests or masquerades or anything like that. I just like doing it. I figure dressing up would be fun either way. I don't really have a video game costume though. I know, blasphemy, and yet again I reiterate that I have a very long list of costumes I want to do which includes many, many video game characters. I suppose Psylocke sort of counts because she's been in a bunch of the X-Men video games and Marvel vs Capcom. And technically I've got this Resident Evil UBCS outfit but that's an interpretive thing from the movies really. I want something new.

So now I'm scrambling. I actually thought, "HEY! I was planning to do Xianghua anyways, perfect!" Not so perfect. I only have three weeks and there is no way I'm making Xianghua in three weeks.

You know how I said I have to do three costumes before the end of the year; Mulan, Xianghua, and Tinkerballa. I also have a "secret" list of other costumes that I want done before the end of the year but I don't announce it because if I don't announce it, it's not a big deal if I don't get them done. XD Well, Chun Li and Midori (Guitar Hero) are on that list so I figure I should be able to get one of them done within three weeks. We shall see. If not, I'll be attending as normal me. :D

I already got a bunch of fabric and patterns for Midori so that's cool.

Chun Li shouldn't be too complicated - I just need to modify a cheongsam pattern... but I can't find a freakng cheongsam pattern! A majority of the American patterns have buttons on the wrong side, WTF, though I suppose I could just flip the pattern... And then I figured out that most people just make the basic dress but then it doesn't function like a normal cheongsam where there's a flap and it buttons down the chest. O_O They just have a zipper in the back.

I wonder if I'm making things too complicated by wanting the outfit to actually function how it's supposed to rather than taking a shortcut and putting the zipper in the back. Oh! And then I've found some vintage patterns but since people were smaller back then, I can't find my size. >_<

There actually is a free online pattern... but I'm too lazy to print and measure it our properly to fit me. XD

There are a bunch of ways I can work around this... but I'm feeling overall lazy about it right now. XD

I'm terrible.


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