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Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim

This was a fun costume I threw together at the last minute since my friend, Boris, was doing Ramona. I love the Scott Pilgrim series, I love the movie, and I love the video game! I already had most of the pieces and it’s such a simple costume. Pants and tank I already had. The wig and swords/knives I already had. I had to make the gloves which were quick.

I based my Knives off of the movie version. In the comics she still had the highlights in her hair, but in the movie they had been knocked out by Todd Ingram.

The only major inaccuracy with this costume is the scarf. In the movie it’s knitted and the scarf I have is crocheted. XD Some day I plan to learn to knit.

Cheerio from Glee

I was very, very excited for this. I’m still excited! A small group of us wanted to be Cheerios from Glee and so we got to planning. Initially we thought to make our own cheerleading uniforms but we decided against it considering we all lived in different states and there was no guarantee we could all get the same fabric and have it look the same, it wouldn’t be ‘uniform’. So we got to researching and after searching for quite some time I was able to find the exact manufacturer that made the Cheerios uniforms for the show. Then we had to figure out cheerleader speak since apparently ordering uniforms can be complicated; the order forms are not intuitive.

We got the bloomers, pom-poms, and then we looked at pictures and found the exact cheerleading shoes they wear as well. If we’re going to spend the money, we wanted accuracy. Yay!

"There’s a lot of talking going on and I wants to get my mack on."

It's funny, every year around Halloween, I get a ton of comments and questions about where I got the uniform and though it says it in the comments, I figure I should put it right here in the post. My friends and I were able to get the uniforms from Dehen Cheer, the company that the show gets their uniforms from. Their website is www.dehencheer.com. We were able to get the exact uniforms from the first season of Glee with no issues. I know at this point since so many people are interested, the show put some restrictions on what Dehen Cheer could put out to the public. I would still call them and find out what you can get. Good luck!

Original Star Trek Duty Uniform Female Skant

This was a lot of fun to make. There are a bunch of seams that go diagonal across the body. It’s way more interesting dress than I thought it would be. You can get the patches and pattern off of roddenberry.com. I made this for a Sci-Fi Pin-up group so I paired it with some knee high boots and vintage-style thigh high stockings. It was a successful group I think. :)


I also went ahead and made a red shirt for Marty. He seemed to have a good time with it and decided that he would go against all odds and not die like other red shirts.

Jem and Aja from Jem and the Holograms
I loved this show back in the day. It’s not as good now that I’m somewhat of an adult. XD Dude, am I the only one who thought that Rio was a manwhore? I suppose Jerrica knew he was cheating on her with herself, does that mean it’s okay?

Anyways, we had a small Jem and the Holograms group for Dragon*Con 2009. I made the top and skirt for Aja and that’s who I wanted to be since she’s the adopted Asian sister of Jem and then I made the pink Jem dress and the belt for Ashley. Ashley supplied her own wig and accessories.

The outfits weren’t too difficult to create. What was difficult was picking out exactly which tacky fabric I wanted to use, hehe. I made the top, skirt, and dress from patterns. I just created Jem’s belt out of thin air as there is no proper pattern though it wasn’t exactly rocket science. I’m especially proud of how well I added the fringe. :)

It was a fun little group and we ran into other Holograms as well. XD

Psylocke - Marvel
Love this character. There aren't too many prominent Asian superheroes though technically she was Caucasian before she was switched bodies with Kwannon. Gotta love comics. XD

I'm on Version 2 at this point. The original was made out of navy vinyl and while it was awesome, the vinyl isn't very durable as it can melt in the heat and excessive wear can lead the vinyl to crack as well. So the second version is made out of wet look spandex. I decided to do the strappy leg version of Psylocke since it's not as common though it's not that big of a deal to make another boot cover and do regular Psylocke. XD I keep meaning to make that extra boot cover. The main bodysuit pattern is from Kwik Sew. Love Kwik Sew!

I didn’t follow the instructions exactly but I based my boot covers from instructions by Love Meeko.

Italian Renaissance Dress

Not historically accurate but fun! I just fell in love with the pattern. I suppose I'm somewhat proud of this dress in particular because I made it in less than a week on a whim for a renaissance faire. It wasn't exactly perfect when I got it done by the faire but I wore it anyways. Later on the only thing I had to do was take it in a little in the back since it was a bit big. Now it's great! XD

Inara outfit from Firefly episode, "Trash"
The problem with Inara is there are a million outfits to choose from. I finally picked one outfit from the Firefly episode "Trash". Great episode and the outfit was a good pick for a beginner. It's not entirely accurate to my liking because the detailing and trim aren't exact but they look fairly similar when compared so I'm pretty happy with the outcome! I love the Asian influences in all of Inara's outfits.

The black dress is made out of velvet. The gold top part of the robe is based off of a belly dancing top and then I sort of attached the red fabric. I added trim and buttons. I found the necklace and bracelet online which I’m ecstatic about because they’re so similar to what she has on!

I'm in the process of remaking the black dress since I'm not too happy with the workmanship on it. :P

I need a new picture cause I look like Mrs. Grumpy McGrumpypants. XD

Flying Snow Red Dress from Hero

This was more of practice sewing than making a real costume as I've never worn it out in public or had any reason to do so. Loved the movie, loved the colors. Breathtaking cinematography.

Had the red fabric to make the robe and pants and so I did. XD

At this point, robes and cloaks are easy peasy, lemon squeezy to make. They just seem to require so much fabric.

Resident Evil UBCS

UBCS stands for Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. I guess you could say this was a concept costume. When you join a costuming group and their main focus at the time is Resident Evil, you can come out with with some really creative stuff. I give credit for the whole concept to Moshi and Vixen. Vixen has almost the exact same costume since we were meant to be uniform. :) The differences are in our use of accessories.

This is when I learned to make catsuits. I was so happy making catsuits that I made three out of three different materials just because. The catsuit pattern is from Kwik Sew.

The vest is freaking awesome. It is a modified Icon Motorcycle Vest. Took off all the plastic detailing and logos. Slapped on the Umbrella Corp. logo and shortened the straps since the size small was still too big for me. Gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, and belt can all be found at various places like the Army surplus store or any sports stores. Boots are from Hot Topic. When you get to accessories you pretty much can do whatever you want. It really does not have to be said that airsoft guns make great weapons in costuming.

Cho Chang from Harry Potter
I have a thing for school uniforms. They're just cute, what can I say! But I’m pretty sure this is the last school uniform costume I’ve done, though no promises for the future. The Hogwarts robe was the first thing I had ever sewn in my life. This was before the sewing lesson too. I got a pattern, got the fabric and winged it. Now I can sew robes/capes in my sleep. In the books, Cho was a total cry-baby, I liked her representation in the movies more though she didn't seem to say much. Either way, I'm Asian and I love when there's Asians in my fandoms. XD

Tie and scarf were bought at a costume shop in Gainesville, Florida. Regular white shirt of course. Initially I had tried to make the sweater myself out of fleece when I realized that wouldn't do and bought a knit sweater from Alivan's: http://www.alivans.com. Hmm, I know how to crochet, so now I need to learn to knit properly. Damn you, purling!

The robe I made twice. The first time without lining, the second time with lining. The skirt I made twice as well! The first time I made the pleated skirt I was tearing the hair out of my head. The second time I made the skirt I used a pattern drafted by Starfire Phoenix: http://www.starfirephoenix.net/hppoaskirttutorial.htm. I’m thinking the robe is sort of superfluous for me though since it’s always too hot wear. Sure, you need a robe in Britain, but not so much in the South. I might offer the robe up for sale.

Shoes and socks can be bought anywhere though I really like the Sorcerer Socks from Sock Dreams: http://www.sockdreams.com/products/knee-highs/sorcerer-socks. They're totally cute though not screen-accurate. They're always changing up the styles as the movies go on and at this point I think they've been wearing black tights as opposed to knee socks.

Oki's my familiar! XD


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